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Rates through April 1:  $200.00/site         

                 April 2 - June 30:  $225.00/site

                 After June 30:  $250.00/site

                Rate is for 2 people. For $35.00/person you can add up to 4 more.

               SUPER SITES (Limited Number):  $500.00/site

Each Site is state regulated and allows only 2 tents and up to 6 people. 


Each Site is first come, first served.  Reservations are encouraged and guarantee that you get a site, but not a specific one.

Parking is available for campers’ additional vehicles for $10.00/day of arrival through Sunday.


While this is primitive camping, we absolutely want your stay to be as comfortable as possible.  Let’s face it, a week is a long time to spend without running water...or air conditioning.  So, here’s what we do to make you feel a little more at home:


Our Valleyview Super Sites provide 50A electric and county water connections on your site. Their location in front of the campground along Route 40 provides a shorter distance to JITH. Sites are approximately 25x50 ft. Our Boot Hill Super Sites are located along the top of the hill and provide electric and county water connections. If you have already reserved you site, you can upgrade  by calling our office at (740) 968-3582 ext. 210 and make arrangements to pay the difference. Sites are $500 for the week and can be reserved, but location will be determined at the time of your arrival. Additional lengths of electric service cord or adapter or water hose may be needed.  NO PETS. There are a limited number of these sites so reserve yours today.


Our Valleyview ice tractors travel to your campsite so you don’t have to go anywhere to fill your coolers. Boot Hill campers can find ice at the office or see a staff member.  



If you need your camper filled, make sure to flag down the water man in the blue truck at Valleyview or see a staff member at Boot Hill.*



We have several food vendors onsite serving everything from breakfast to burgers, fries and pizza.* 



We have open air cooling stations for you to get washed up or cooled down. These are located at Valleyview.* Sorry, no hot showers this year.


Shuttle Service...

When the concert starts on Thursday, we fire up the bus and circle the campgrounds helping folks get to the show. The bus does not leave the Valleyview grounds.


Porta Jons (could be worse, folks)


We’ll give you trash bags but you’ve got to use them! If you leave your trash out in the morning, our brave staff will pick it up.  By all means, please use this service.



With thousands of people on one farm, sometimes you need a little order.  We have an outstanding security staff onsite 24/7 to help you out anytime.  


*All Rates subject to change without prior notice.

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