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We just don’t like a party that ends early...

So after the show when the Jamboree ends, we start our live entertainment after-party!  We have the best local acts from country to rock and some have even performed live on the Jamboree stage!  

We also don’t like a party that we have to wait around for...

So we figured we’d start our party before they do across the street!  Beginning Wednesday night, we offer live music for our campers!  It’s a great way to kickoff the weekend!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

    Muxie Distributing Co.

2018 After Party Entertainment

Live on the Bud Light Stage!


    Wednesday:  Tim Ullom Band

(after the JITH show)

Thursday:  Adam Calvert Band  11 PM


Friday:   Logan Wojcik Band  11 PM


Saturday:   Old Buddy Jack   11 PM

Another fun lineup!

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